Knox Bridge School

Committed to Excellence

In today’s high tech world, Secondary School education is very important. It sets the stage for future success and lays the foundation for a lifetime of choices, opportunities, challenges and responsibilities. Knox Bridge students are taught how to think, how to learn and how to question. Most importantly, Knox Bridge students discover themselves and the possibilities in the world around them.

Our Strategy

To get significant results, you need to have a clear mission, vision and objective.

Mrs. Jyoti Sidhu - Owner Knox Bridge

School’s Mission, Vision, Philosophy & Objectives

Our Mission

Knox Bridge School’s mission is:

  • To provide a stimulating, engaging, and highly structured learning environment, focused upon preparing for college/university success through integrated multidisciplinary approaches, creative activities, teaching, and community engagement
  • To educate students for career success and to help achieve the educational and professional goals by working on the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and moral development

Our Vision

To transform lives and communities through learning

Our Philosophy

Knox Bridge School is duly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, offering Ontario curriculum in small class sizes (initially, 10 students per class or less) focusing on the development of academic skills, and on the preparation of students for entry into either community college or university. Courses are designed to encourage students to understand all of the theoretical principles, practical applications, and substantive content of each given subject as per the guidelines mentioned in the Ministry of Ontario document “Growing Success”. Academic excellence, communication skills, citizenship preparation, and social skills are all essential components of each course.

Knox Bridge School offers a structured, educational environment, governed by mutually determined, clearly explained, and consistently applied behavioural expectations. All academic, social, and outdoor experiential programming is delivered in the context of the schools Code of Conduct, which is specifically designed to encourage and establish internalized morals and values. The Code of Conduct offers a complete array of measurable performance expectations, carefully balanced by highly relevant positive and negative consequences.

Our Objectives

Knox Bridge School ensures that all students have opportunities:

  • To expand their knowledge and understanding
  • To develop and to experience confidence in their individual potential to contribute to society
  • To develop and to experience meaningful social relationships
  • To develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to make appropriate post-secondary school decisions
  • To explore potential careers in relation to themselves, educational alternatives, and their desired lifestyles